Premium Diets for Exotic Animals

Since 1989, Mazuri® has been a world leader in quality exotic animal nutrition for virtually every living exotic animal. All Mazuri diets are made with high-quality ingredients utilizing the latest technology in its own plants. Mazuri’s primary plant, in Richmond, Indiana, is a drug- and hormone-free FSSC 22000-certified manufacturing facility. To maintain that certification, Mazuri adheres to a strict set of international quality standards and undergoes regular inspections. Mazuri maintains a quality-control lab on premises and uses independent analytical labs for off-site testing. By testing incoming ingredients, Mazuri is able to give your animals one of the most nutritionally-consistent and high-quality diets available in the marketplace.

With Mazuri exotic animal feed you can be confident that you’re providing the ultimate dietary system in the super-premium animal nutrition category. Mazuri exotic animal feed sets the highest standards for quality control and sources superior ingredients for each formulation.

Specialized for Large Exotic Animals

Mazuri produces innovative diets to address the unique needs of large mammals. Mazuri diets for large mammals come in specialized shapes, sizes and textures—from bear food and elephant feed to petting zoo diets and more. The Mazuri low starch herbivore diets more closely resemble the wild-type feeding strategies of a variety of species. In addition, the Mazuri Bear Diet is a one-of-a kind low grain formulation.

Specialized for Small Exotic Animals

Mazuri diets for small exotic animals come in specialized shapes, sizes and textures—from rodent pellets and chinchilla diets to ferret food, rabbit food and more. All Mazuri diets are designed to help your small exotic animals get the best nutrition. For instance, Mazuri mini-pig diets contain flaxseed and yucca to promote animal health, and Mazuri insectivore extruded diet provides complete nutrition for insect-eating hedgehogs, sugar gliders and more.

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