Nestpak is a highly effective way of safely dispensing consistent amounts of bedding into your lab animal’s cage with the added advantage of providing environmental enrichment activity in the same package. The concept behind Nestpaks is to offer a portion-controlled means of dispensing bedding and nesting material into your rodent cages without having to do so by hand. Nestpaks offer a precise and consistent amount of bedding in every Pak while also considerably recuing airborne particles and allergens. Safe for both autoclaving and irradiation.

  • 3 in 1: Nesting, Bedding, Enrichment, available with a variety of combinations
  • Dust Free: Offer a considerable reduction in airborne particles & allergens
  • Time Saving: Fill cages 5 times faster with Nestpak
  • Cost Efficient: Improve welfare, reduce manual handling, save time & money!
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