Enviropak is a unique rodent enrichment device designed to efficiently provide a consistent amount of nesting material to every cage.  The two key components of our portion-controlled enrichment are Enviro-Dri and a USDA approved tea bag material – Glatfelter Paper.  Enviro-Dri has been proven time and time again to be the most naturalistic nesting material available on the market, while the tea bag material provides added enrichment to your rodents.  Studies have shown that larger nests do not interfere with the ability to perform health checks, and rather promote increased breeding which ultimately leads to larger litter sizes.  Enviropak also aids in thermoregulation and is available standard, irradiated or certified.

  • Proven: Enviro Dri is the best nesting material available
  • Convenient: Easily dispensable. No mess no clean up.
  • Portion Controlled: Consistent amount in each Pak.
  • Cost Efficient: Reduces feed consumption while increasing litter size.
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