Test Diets

Purina Mills TestDiet.

Our passion is listening to clients ideas, thinking through solutions and coming up with laboratory solutions.

About TestDiet.

We produce an extensive range of laboratory animal diets – including purified and DIO, custom grain-based, and modifications to standard grain-based diets. We also produce every open-formula purified diet including AIN 76A and 93 series, the van Heek and Surwit series of diets.

We formulate and produce every kind of lab animal diet – custom grain-based and purified diets, adding compounds to standard grain-based LabDiet® products, tablets and liquid diets.

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Product Stability
Storage conditions and dietary characteristics affect the nutrient stability of laboratory animal diets.

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Diet Enrichment Products
Lab animals benefit from environmental enrichment adapted to the particular behavioral characteristics of their species (or their individual personality) to stimulate both physical and mental activity.

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