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W.F. Fisher and Son is a small, family owned and operated Certified Lab Dealer (CLD) that prides itself on delivering high quality service to the research industry in the NY, NJ, and CT markets.

Since 1955, the W.F. Fisher family has provided warehousing, distributing and consulting services to research institutions and pharmaceutical companies all with a quality assurance program and emergency delivery policy.

W.F. Fisher was the first distributor of Laboratory Animal feed and bedding to develop standards for the warehousing and delivery of Laboratory Animal feed and bedding products. These standards, developed in collaboration with a consortium of major Pharmaceutical and research institutions in the metropolitan area, have become a standard across the country.

W.F. Fisher was the first distributor of Laboratory Animal feed and bedding in the country to be ISO 9002 certified. Currently, we are the only distributor in the metropolitan area to be ISO 9002 certified.

W.F. Fisher and Son, Inc. are proud members of: MNYBAALAS, NJAALAS, SNEAALAS, NJABR, NCAB, LLAMA and National AALAS, AZA, and ZAA.

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Our TestDiet® feed facilities produce custom grain-based and purified diets for animal research in academic, government, and pharmaceutical laboratories worldwide. We operate two of the cleanest, most efficient, and most comprehensive GMP-compliant and ISO 9001:2008 certified laboratory animal diet production sites anywhere.

ClearH2O products are manufactured under stringent quality standards. Our commitment to quality is supported by and FDA approved HAACP facility that is inspected by Siliker, NSF Cook & Thurber and a third-party inspection. HydroGel®, DietGel®, MediGel®, LabGel® , MediDrop®and FiberBites® products are tested and receive a certificate of analysis.

The quality of LabDiet® products is unmatched. We set the standard in November 1996 when our production facility in Richmond, Indiana became the first ISO 9002 Certified production facility in the USA dedicated to specialty feeds. Today, our Richmond plant remains ISO 9001:2008 Certified and has added strict GMP guidelines for all of the staff involved in the production of our fine products.

P.J. Murphy has been a leading producer of wood by-products for over a century. The reasons are simple. First, we provide top-quality products at affordable prices. Second, we offer our customers the highest level of commitment and standards anywhere. And third, we have always been a “green” company, helping to keep our planet vibrant and making sure that natural resources are never put to waste.

Shepherd Specialty Papers remains unmatched in our commitment to provide a full line of quality products to the animal care industry.

We offer a wide variety of Cage and Pan Liners, Bedding, and environmental enrichment items for the best possible animal care and to make cage maintenance easier and more economical.



For 40 years, Bio-Serv has been dedicated to developing and providing products that meet the unique challenges associated with working with research animals.

We have collaborated with investigators and animal care technicians from around the world and have developed numerous unique enrichment devices and formulated thousands of custom diets.

MAZURI Exotic Animal Nutrition is a world leader in quality nutrition for virtually every living exotic animal.  Our name means "good" in Swahili, so we design, test and produce more animal diets than any other company in the world. We support ongoing research and conservation through grants and sponsorships with other animal experts.  Since 1989, professionals, veterinarians, breeders and exotic pet owners have trusted their animals to MAZURI exotic animal feed.


As the sole manufacturer of Bed-o’Cobs, The Andersons has provided the research community with the most trusted name in bedding since 1962. While we began with a single product (1/4″ Bed-o’Cobs bedding), our premium product offering today includes 15 of the highest quality bedding, enrichment, nesting and specialty products.

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